Maritime services

In the port of Koper, we provide mooring and unmooring of ships and other maritime activities.

Within the scope of maritime activity we provide the following services for ships and shipping agents:

  • mooring and unmooring of ships,
  • ship movements,
  • supplying water to ships,
  •  setting up the protection belt around ships carrying dangerous cargo,
  • boat transport (reading the ship draft) and
  • sea protection.

The company has specific machinery at its disposal which is used for specialised works on request.

  • 4 working boats, 9 m in length with a 392 kW engine,
  • ecological vessel, 10 m in length with a 156 kW engine,
  • ecological vessel, 7 m in length with a 56 kW engine,
  • ecological boat (4,3 m), 11 kW engine,
  • 4 Pick up cars,
  • protective floating curtain, 3.500 m in length.

Additional information

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