Our operations focus on quality provision of services for our mother company and its development.

Luka Koper INPO, d.o.o. is a daughter company of Luka Koper, d.d. and has been operating since 1996.

Our operations focus on quality provision of services for our mother company Luka Koper d.d. and its development.

Luka Koper INPO remains true to its original mission. In addition to successful marketing operations, we devote a lot of effort to recruitment and training of the disabled.

We provide top quality services, which are attested by our ISO 9001 certificate. In the year of 2002 our company has also obtained the ISO 14001 certificate for our responsible attitude towards the environment.

Company ID

Luka Koper INPO, d.o.o.
Vojkovo nabrežje 38,  6000 KOPER
District Court of Koper, entry no.: 10502500
Share capital: 240,878.00 EUR
VAT ID no.: SI73047813
Comp. reg. no.: 5918707


The company is divided into three units, which combine related programmes and similar activities.

Service unit for Luka Koper

  • it offers auxiliary services for the parent company (driving machines, issuing work equipment, auxiliary works in warehouses,…)
  • it manages the truck terminal
  • it performs the weighing of trucks and wagons
  • it provides courier services and archiving

Maritime unit

  • it provides mooring and unmooring of ships and other maritime services (setting up the protection belt around ships, water supply, boat transport for ship draft)
  • it ensures the prevention of marine pollution and eliminates the consequences of its pollution
  • it performs a commercial public service of regular inspection and cleaning of marine surfaces in the port aquatorium.

Utility unit

  • it provides utility services within the Port of Koper (collects waste and classifies, separates, process and delivers it to authorized organizations to further processing or disposal of waste as raw materials)
  • it manages with the unit for composting
  • carries out commercial public service of collecting waste from ships in the name and on behalf of the parent company
  • it provides mowing of green areas and cleaning of roads and storage areas
  • it maintains the sewage network common infrastructure owned by the parent company (conducts routine cleaning, operates with oil separators, septic tanks, municipal wastewater treatment plants, etc.)
  • it provides the washing of machines, vehicles and containers

The company constantly pursues the goal of joint development with the parent company, which is why it is always prepared to provide and develop new services for its customers.

We seek new programmes for every activity and offer co-operation to new business partners to further improve operations.


Robert Krajnc

Managing director (also responsible for managing maritime unit)

Valter Grlj

Head of technical and purchase department, work safety representative

tel: +386 5 6656 777
mob: +386 31 263 848

Mirna Muženič

Head of service unit, assistant for economics (also responsible for truck terminal)

Nenad Marinkovič

Foreman of maritime unit

Kristifor Pantelin

Head of utility unit

Ivana Vujanović

Human resources & development