Truck terminal subscription system

Make your business easier by registering in subscription system.

We would like to inform you that you have the possibility to register in the subscription system for payment of services to enter the Port of Koper.

With the payment of a deposit you get a status of a subscriber and your drivers will be able to enter the port directly or leave the truck terminal without paying with cash or bank card, until the used and unpaid services do not reach the amount of the paid deposit, which represents your subscription limit.

The procedure of registering is as follows:

  1. To the e-mail address,  send the completed form for receiving invoices in electronic form – eInvoice, which you can find here and the registration numbers of the trucks that will be entitled to use the subscription system. You must notify us by email of any change in truck registration numbers, as this information will be entered into the subscription system on truck terminal. If your drivers have annual permits, the priority to use the system will have the registration of the driver’s annual permit and not the registration number of the truck.
  2. In the email above please also indicate the amount of the deposit (subscription limit) that you want to pay. Based on agreed deposit, an invoice will be issued and sent to you, so that you can make a payment.
  3. The next working day after receiving the payment on our bank account, the subscription system is activated with a subscription limit in the amount of paid deposit.
  4. In the case of direct entry of the registered vehicle into the port or its exit from the truck terminal, the system will consider your subscription limit during billing. That means that the deposit paid represents the limit value of using the services.
  5. Twice a month (for the period from the 1st to the 15th and from the 16th to the end of the month) you will receive a specification of your consumption with a list of entries and an invoice, which must be settled within 8 days. The amount of each invoice payment is transferred back to your subscription limit.
  6. The system will inform you via e-mail 3 times a week about the status of your subscription account, i.e. about the state of the unused subscription limit. The system will additionally inform you when we receive and post your payment and when you reach the defined minimum amount of unused subscription limit (for example 100€). In this last case, you must check whether you have paid all invoices received or whether it is necessary to increase the amount of the deposit and thus the subscription limit.
  7. IMPORTANT! In case it happens that you don’t have enough unused subscription limit on your account, the truck driver will have to pay for the service in cash or with bank card! 
  8. In case of additional explanations, you can call +386 5 66 56 763.