Truck terminal prepayment

Save time with the new prepayment service.

We would like to inform you that you have the possibility to register in the prepaying system for payment of parking and road fees to enter the Port of Koper.

With the advance payment, your truck drivers can exit the terminal without any cash payments. 

The procedure is as follows:

  1. On e-mail send the exact data of your company (name of the company, address, VAT number, telephone and fax number, e-mail address and contact person) and registration numbers of trucks which will have the right to use the prepayment. If changes occur in these numbers, you must send us the information by each change. The information that we get from you, will be entered in the prepaying system on the Truck terminal. In case that you have annual permits for your drivers, the priority to use the credit will have the registration of the driver’s annual permit and not  the registration number of the truck.  At the same time please fulfill  and send us the application form for receiving  electronic invoice – E-invoice.
  2. When you want to make a prepayment, you send an e-mail request for the amount that you want to pay on We make a pro-forma invoice and send it back to you, so that you can make a payment.
  3. After we receive the payment on our account, we enter the paid amount into the system not later than the next working day until 9:00 and only after that, your registered trucks can start to benefit from the prepayment. You receive an invoice for received advance payment.
  4. By the exit of a registered truck, the system will deduct the charged amount for the parking and road fee from the credit. The driver will get a »Confirmation of payment«.
  5. Once a month you will receive the invoice for what you have consumed during the month. This invoice does not need to be paid, because it is covered with the advance invoice.  The specification of consumption in excel table will be sent separately directly on your e-mail. The specification includes the whole monthly consumption with registration numbers of trucks and the rest of your credit.
  6. The system will automatically inform you every Monday and Thursday with an e-mail about your credit balance. An additional e-mail will be sent as soon as you reach the defined minimum limit of your credit (for example 100€). To increase your credit, you should repeat the procedure – point 2.
  7. IMPORTANT! In case it happens that you don’t have any credit or not enough credit, the truck driver must pay by the exit IN CASH!